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if&when is a “literary journal journal” that aims to not only present creativity, but foster it. To that end, issues include short fiction, short creative nonfiction, poetry and single literary lines, as well as activities and prompts to encourage picking up a pen and writing.

if&when: Don't just read it. React.


War & Whispers

by Marguerite Costigan

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102 pages, Published October 2016

2015-2016 San Luis Obispo County Poet Laureate’s second book. “Costigan has had no choice but to take it all in... amid news of violence without end: 9/11, Oklahoma City, Darfur, Iraq (‘There’s enough war going around for everyone. If we live, we become, all of us, veterans’) – but rather than rage or despair in her nakedness she makes a haunting music.” (Michael Harris)

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Rock & Fire

by Marguerite Costigan

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73 pages, Published February 2016

From the 2015-2016 San Luis Obispo County Poet Laureate, this sizzling collection "is as burning as creation itself, as solid as granite." (Glenna Luschei)

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Crossing the Plateau

by Ivan BrownOtter

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76 pages, Published May 2013

In this humorous and profoundly moving book of memoir poetry, meet the people of the Navajo reservation — teachers and students alike. BrownOtter survives job interviews, gets mistaken for Christopher Lloyd and uncovers his place in a natural yet mythical universe.

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Biting the Apple

by Jeanie Greensfelder

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70 pages, Published December 2012

Spanning seven decades, these intimate poems capture the human journey from the loss of innocence to the fullness of life. With humor and candor, Greensfelder evokes Joseph Campbell’s “sorrowful joys and joyful sorrows.”

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