Absence Is No Alibi

by Lani Steele



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388 pages, February 2018
Published by Oblong Press
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

In this nicely woven mystery, a ruthless school superintendent is found in a California Central Coast park, beaten to death with a most unusual weapon. The murder creates havoc in the district when Dr. Ross Talbot, a counselor who has been wronged by the superintendent, assumes the task of finding the killer before he or she strikes again.

“Cooked” Jack Coley, discovered in a barbecue pit, bequeaths an ensemble of colorful characters with motives a-plenty to kill him. Despite dangers, former Principal Ross Talbot sorts through them all to try to save the police's prime suspect, one of his students. Lani Steele knows how to bring together a gripping mystery.
Andy Greensfelder, author, Drop Dead Art

A Central Coast setting, intrigue and colorful characters. A modern take on the Western who-dunnit yarn, this is a story you can step into. Terrific.
Roslyn Strohl, Central Coast Poet and Writer

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Published by Oblong Press, designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless