Singing and Dying

by Glenna Luschei



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92 pages, December 2016
Published by Penciled In
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

A Nebraska Book Award Poetry Honor Book, this late-2016 collection of poems continues to prove that Glenna Luschei is “… one of the finest lyrical poets currently practicing in America.” (Grover Lewis)

Decoration Day

I too am singing
and dying. No

As a child, the place I most felt at home:
my grandparent’s farm unfolded from the prairie.

Mornings, I drank coffee with them,
cream from the cow.

Decoration Day I picked peony and iris,
sold them to families
traveling to the cemetery.
Fifty cents a bunch or free to people
with no cash.

It was the Depression.
    Depression babies
    Depression glass
    Fathers walked all night for work.

I remember fragrance, lilac most of all.


Glenna Luschei’s voice is a brilliant gift! She sings the richness of days, the glorious eloquence of reckonings, hard places never ignored – full of grace and love, wondrous revelation, and all we must let go. Walk into the perfectly lit room of these poems and know you’re home. — Naomi Shihab Nye

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