A Plague of Angels

by Lani Steele



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76 pages, May 2013
Published by Oblong Press
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

A Plague of Angels will charm, disarm, and move you. Its originality is rich with the irony, humor, and insight for which Lani Steele is well known. You will want to read it again and again.
— Jane Elsdon, SLO County Poet Laureate, 2005

“Oh, you will find your angels here, in the best of Dr. Steele’s collections so far. Tight and precise, insightful, every poem has the reason we reread aloud, alone ...a shock to find yourself reflected in the angel you would not have chosen but who chooses you. It only suffices to loose the wild horses of your heart to bear her away
— Roslyn Strohl, Poet, San Luis Obispo

“How to stay healthy in a digital century? Every blinking year requires several daily servings of mythic consciousness, and Lani Steele’s inventory of angelic visitations offers generous portions, spiced with humor, melancholy, and earned wisdom."
— Jim Cushing, SLO County Poet Laureate, 2008-2010</p>

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Published by Oblong Press, designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless