French Lessons, The Art of Living and Loving Well

by E.J. Gore



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168 pages, July 2013
Published by Penciled In
Designed by Benjamin Daniel Lawless

When Susan Purcell encounters Gabrielle LaCroix on a visit to Paris, she’s by struck Gabrielle’s confidence, pleasure in her life, but most of all – by her happiness with herself. In the four months that follow, Susan becomes Suzanne transforming herself and her life, amid the splendor and charm of Paris. French Lessons is for any woman who has ever wished to change her life, follow her dreams… or visit The City of Light!

French Lessons is a unique cocktail of pleasure and inspiration. Gabrielle, the French Godmother we all wish we had, gives Suzanne lessons in style and self-esteem, poise and sensuality, and in the process teaches us as well. Charming!
— Sam Horn, author of Tongue Fu and Pop!

I think of Gabrielle every time I am about to lose my cool, and I believe every woman should have access to her fabulousness! Just when you are most in need of grace, wit and aplomb, Gabrielle will be there for you. Her lessons come in the form of stories, and will inspire you to be your most divine and beautiful self—inside and out.